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Obsidian is truth-enhancing. It is a powerful grounding stone that quickly blocks all forms of negativity. It shields against psychic attacks, mental stress, and tension. Obsidian dissolves emotional blockages and past traumas by bringing clarity to the mind. It helps strengthen confidence and self-discovery. Obsidian assists in breaking through growth barriers to open new horizons. Promotes qualities of compassion and strength. Sourced from Mexico.


Add a new stone to your favorite water bottle with our interchangeable black obsidian crystal point!


Black Obsidian is a stone already known for bringing you to understand sharp insights, but those realizations get even more pointed when working with Black Obsidian Points. Just like black obsidian’s traditional use as a cutting tool, today, we use black obsidian as an energy tool to cut through emotional issues, patterning, and stagnant energy. When we can’t be honest with ourselves, we can’t be honest with anyone. Working with black obsidian healing energy helps you to break down the justifications and mental defenses that we use to wall ourselves off from the truth. The growth that you can experience when contemplating a black obsidian point won’t always be easy, but it can be transformative. As you meditate, turn the point inward to draw your attention to the perspectives that need shifting.

Use a black obsidian point to see yourself as you were intended to be, not how you were programmed or brought up to be. As you work with the energy of this stone, ask yourself what is stopping you from seeing yourself as you were designed to be. Write that down and put the black obsidian point on top. This guides the truth to the surface so that you can begin to accept, heal and embrace your authentic self.

Through showing you a reflection of your true self, the Black Obsidian meaning forces you to accept yourself entirely. Facing the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of ourselves is hard, but obsidian makes it easier. It connects to the root chakra to ground you during contemplation. Where normally you might shy away from harsh realities, Obsidian makes those truths easier to digest. It brings you a full scope of yourself, including all of the positive and negative attributes.

Working with a black obsidian point can assist you in cutting the stress and negative patterns from your life by first bringing them to your attention. Use this stone in meditation to bring clarity to your own behaviors. As you see what needs to be expelled from your life, obsidian rewards your self-realization by absorbing that toxic energy. No wonder they call it the stone of truth! The obsidian black energy is a powerful stone for shadow work, facilitating the acceptance of your shadow side. It helps you realize that everyone has a light and dark side, and it’s not about resenting your dark side but accepting and learning to embrace that nature. The black obsidian healing properties help you to release any disharmony that has built up in your day-to-day life, whether it during work on yourself or work with others. It is a powerful tool to use for aura cleansing or gemstone massage to release any stress or tension that has built up throughout the day.


Ask yourself, what is holding me back from being who I was designed to be? What am I afraid of? Write down whatever comes to mind and put your black obsidian point on top. Its energy helps to bring those things up to the surface. Then, when those feelings surface, we can face it and bring it to that point where you can begin healing.

Will I be able to use this crystal with an already purchased bottle?

Yes, you will be able to skew the brand new crystal into your already purchased bottle from Juci. Switch them up, and enjoy the new benefits of a new crystal.

Each Black Obsidian Points will differ slightly in shape and size. All sales are final on these crystal points. 

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